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I've been playing around in game lately if anyone is alive and wants to join me

The Nwit-Nefer Symposium II - "Death, And Beyond"

Menukamutf, Nov 6, 09 12:04 PM.

The Nwit-Nefer Symposium II - "Death, And Beyond"

Time: Monday, November 9 @ 6 pm PST/ 9 pm EST
Location: The Grand Civic Festhall of Nwit-Nefer (Purple Lotus Swamp)
Host: Janero

Nwit-Nefer, the "City of Beauty," a bastion of arts & humanities,  hosts it's second symposium, a discussion/debate over another topic of controversy in observance of the season's end.

Every culture has it's own beliefs of our mortal beginnings. However, where there is life, there is death. What happens when our mortal lives come to an end? Is death just a transition? Will we be worst off in eternal Gloom in Crom's Halls? Will we be saved by Mitra and reside in his shiny kingdom? Or will our souls be judged before passing into an afterlife?  As the seasons come to an end, the City of Nwit-Nefer holds a symposium to discuss a subject with varied viewpoints - Death, and is there life after? And most importantly, why we, as individuals embrace them as our truth.

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